Everyone brings their own story to AFURI. And that’s important to us
—Individuality working collectively to share one story: AFURI ramen.

We’re particular about our ramen. What goes into it, how it’s prepared, how it’s served
—but also who prepares it, and who serves it. This is where you come in.

Working at AFURI will be an experience. It will be challenging and rewarding.
No matter how many stores we open, our goal is to always feel like a single, special shop serving a single,
special bowl of ramen every time.

We intend to do that by challenging ourselves.
To work hard at consistent excellence, and improve on that every single day.

From cooks to chefs to managers to servers
—We climb higher in order to delight every single one of our customers, every single time.



As I’m a musician and my biggest motivation is to entertain people, I’m on fire while working on this stage, this open kitchen, making ramen to our customers. Any musician would be thrilled to be playing on stage, yeah?

The best part is that I can interact with each customer face to face here from the kitchen. How could I move people through my music if I can’t even make people happy with ramen? It’s just my simple joy watching customer’s reaction after having a slurp with big satisfied smile, or getting reviews from customers who say she was impressed with the presentation I make ramen. For me it’s the same thing to play music toward audience and to offer a bowl to customers. Honestly I love watching people having a good time from this counter.

Many of our staffs partly work here to live while chasing dream to become a musician or an actor. Each of us is distinguished and unique in AFURI. We support, strengthen and brighten each other to make the best ramen and to be one and only ramen joint in Japan.

AFURIのスープって、沸騰したら終りなんですよ。黄金色のスープが一瞬で白濁して、味わいも香りも変わってしまう。それくらい繊細な味を保てているのは、 東京のスタッフの頑張りだけでなく、阿夫利山の麓にあるセントラルキッチンで、仕込みをしてくれている仲間のおかげ。元々料理人だった自分には、いつも美味しい味を保つのがどんなに難しいことかよくわかる。緻密な火加減。素材を引き上げる一秒単位の時間。一つひとつ丁寧につくって、店舗に届けてくれています。


AFURI’s soup is super fragile beyond your imagination. If the temperature goes over the boiling point, delicate taste and smell die and clear shiny soup dim into cloudy liquid all at once. I know how difficult it is to secure the quality and taste of this soup as I used to work as a chef in other restaurant. We make a bowl of ramen as a team with entire staff who work in our company, not only with staff in each shop but also with the staff in central kitchen, right on foot of Mt. Afuri, preparing this subtle soup everyday. Then us, the staff in Tokyo, will take part presenting that sensitive bowl to our guest with a warmest welcome from our heart.

Once I have had a hard time as a shop manager still having the aspect of the artisan chef-spirit. I couldn’t share the feelings of gratitude to team, which made my members fell apart. However thanks to the advice I got from the manager of another branch, ultimately I found the way to make through and learned how to configure our staffs into a piece as a team. And here I am, still enchanted working here toward my dream that one day in my life having my own shop like AFURI!


そして今、中目黒・三軒茶屋の店舗をマネージメントさせていただいて。思うのは、自分があのとき「この人たちとずっと働きたい」と思った先輩の姿に、近づけているか?ということ。 AFURIという山を一緒に登り、苦楽を共にできるチームであること。どんなに店舗が拡大しても、これだけはずっと忘れずに、次の一歩を踏み出していきたいから。

Why did I start working at AFURI? Well, firstly I was one of the huge fan of AFURI and I liked the style staff works here… they weren’t wearing the long rain boots which other ramen shops usually wear as uniform. That was how easy I began working here without goals or anything in my life. Everyday was a hustle then as AFURI was right after incubating in town. Most of the days and weeks, our staffs were spending time together literally 24-7…

Then somehow at some point, I had a feeling like “Damn, I really want to work more with these guys!”. It was simply that fun for me and they meant for me like extended family. By watching my working attitude after while, our boss finally admitted for me being fulltime-worker. Since then, AFURI has keep giving me chances to challenge, which rock my life! After 2 months being a fulltime worker, I was appointed to a position of manager at Harajuku shop. It was a mission I’ve never expected. Me? Managing people who merely can manage myself? I got to say I wasn’t doing well at all for while, treating my shop’s staff illogically unsparing. But then my senior team member never gave up on me by training with full-trust. I felt lucky being a part of this team.

With being in charge of 2 shops now, Nakameguro and Sangenjaya, I always question myself, “Am I getting closer to a role model of our team?” not to forget the picture of my “ideal manager”. Now we are on the path, climbing the Mount of AFURI step by step as a united-team… and I can’t wait for next step ahead!

  • Requirements:
  • Living currently in Japan with valid visa and/or working permission.
  • Basic conversational ability for Japanese language.
[ 社員 ]
  • 社会保険完備(雇用、労災、健康、厚生年金)
  • 週休二日制(年間休日120日)
  • 有給休暇
  • 交通費全額支給
  • 各種手当あり
  • 住宅手当:10,000円〜15,000円/月
  • 家族手当:
  • 美味しいまかないあり
[ パート・アルバイト ]
  • 子育て支援手当:
  • 交通費全額支給
  • 美味しいまかないあり
[ Full-time Employee ]
Base Wage:
  • Supports for Social Insurance (Employment Insurance, Compemsation Insurance, Health Insurance, Employees’ Pension)
  • Five-day work per week.
  • Prescribed working hours: Under 210 hours/month (Includes over-work)
  • Full compensation for transportation expenses.
  • Housing allowance; 10,000JPY - 15,000JPY/month
  • Family Support; We support your family.
    1. 10,000JPY/month per Child you raise.
    2. 10,000JPY/month spouse you support.
  • Tasty staff meal offer!
*Please note all condition will differ depends on what visa you have.
[ Part-time Employee ]
Hourly Wage:
1,200JPY-(1,100JPY for training term)
  • Full compensation for transportation expenses.
  • Family Support; We support your child‐rearing.
    1. 1,000JPY/month per Child you raise.
    2. Expire on 18 years old birthday.
  • Tasty staff meal offer!